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your products
as a service

dotsha is the scalable, easy to use and quickly implemented monetization platform that helps any company of any size to capture, grow and retain recurring revenue from products.

What we offer you

Integrated Order-To-Revenue Platform and APIs that put every "as-a-service" based business on autopilot from quote to cash !

You can either decide to take the whole platform as a "All-In-One business-ready solution" or you can choose to integrate it piece by piece with your existing stack of applications using Toolkit and APIs, both works fine !

Valentin - Chief Technology Officer @dotsha

Transition from products sales to subscription and usage made as easy as 1,2,3

Our dotsha’s platform and APIs allow your product-based company to deploy and operate a disruptive and profitable as-a-service based business model in just a few days of work and a few lines of code.

Your new keywords in a blink

dotsha subscription management

Move to as-a-service business model in days not months !


dotsha easily integrates with your current stack of applications. You can as well use our low-code components to develop and deploy customized workflow.

For developers teams

Design customized business logic using our powerful and easy-to-use APIs

dotsha's platform and APIs are easy to integrate with existing website, mobiles apps , CRMs or ERPs. Developers can quickly integrate front-end with back-end to build scalable subscription management and recurring billing infrastructure that fit with business requirements.

APIs for every stack

We offer robust and supported libraries in every tech'stack from JS, REACT to PHP, .NET, iOS and more...

Pre-Built integrations

Use integrations for systems like Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Quickbooks, Pennylane, Shopify, Zendesk, Chartmogul and more...

API platform
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