Global Revenue Operations

It is time for revenue operations to go beyond admin and billing

dotsha helps revenue operations teams to get the most from new revenue streams opportunities while our API-driven platform reinforce their ability to optimize operating cost through global and scalable end-to-end process automation.

Jonas - Global Operations

Leave the Good for the Great

dotsha helps operations to remove inefficient or broken processes that require tons of involvement to process accurate invoices and to get paid on time by customers. It saves hours of workload across the organization and removes necessity for control-freak meetings.

dotsha's applications stand at the heart of the revenue engine to automate advanced monetization streams for the business and the way revenue is collected. As a result, it helps to create opportunities for both revenue acceleration and operating cost reduction.

More, dotsha's software and APIs help to connect front-end with back-end. It delivers a low-touch subscription-to-cash workflow that both is cost-effective for the business and attractive for the customers.


What dotsha brings to Global Operations

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