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It is time for Product & Pricing Team to build disruptive scenarios

dotsha helps product marketing and pricing team to explore, create and deliver new revenue streams opportunities for the business as easy as 1-2-3 ! The team can configure advanced pricing scenarios that make a difference on the market without conflicting with billing automation.

Liza - Product Marketing & Pricing

Create, assess, deploy in Minutes

dotsha helps Product Marketing and Pricing team to prepare, configure, test and deploy new plans / pricing strategies in minutes instead of months. The platform makes possible to test new rules on sandbox before launching it into production.

The monetization engine integrated into the platform allows every pricing and upselling scenarios whatever the complexity of the business model. The team regain autonomy on pricing strategies because dotsha allows the configuration of every combination of pricing model between flat fee, stairstep, usage-based, prepaid etc... without any line of code.

More, dotsha unleash the potential of differenciation through pricing because the platform guarantees that billing will be automated whatever the complexity of the pricing rules. There are no more conflicts with finance, sales or with operations.

Finally, the integration of dotsha's platform with both CRM and ERP applications removes the pain and complexity of updating mutiple systems with new pricing rules.


What dotsha brings to Product & Pricing

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