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It is time for Customer Success team to leave admin for booking

dotsha helps customer success team to better balance retention work and upselling by lowering the effort in processing the admin of the booking. dotsha's applications connect with CRMs and ERPs in order to automate booking-to-billing workflow.

Alicia - Customer Success

Higher ARPU, lower ADMIN

dotsha's platform helps customer success team to be more involve into the growth of the business by offering simplicity, flexibility and speed in the configuration and the billing of upselling opportunities.

Because the customer success team needs to focus its time and energy on customer retention and satisfaction, dotsha helps to free time by making upselling easier and less time consuming. As a result, the team is able to balance both retention activities with upselling management at lower effort.

dotsha's software and APIs allow implementation of advanced and cost-effective processes such as automated check-out that reduce effort from the customer to get engaged with the business when upgrading or downgrading.

Customer success

What dotsha brings to Customer Success

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