A granular subscription management platform used by the business but made for developers

Connect critical front and back-office data using our APIs and pre-built integrations to design a fully integrated and automated ecosystem that powers your subscription and usage-based business from order to revenue as you scale.

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What makes us different

No "one-size-fits-all" business software but the infrastructure to build a "fit-to-purpose" and scalable subscription management platform


You can either decide to take the whole platform as a "All-In-One business-ready solution" or you can choose to integrate it piece by piece with your existing stack of applications using Toolkit and APIs, both works fine !

Thuan - Chief Technology Officer

TOOLKIT - Integrates dotsha effortlessly

Easily build the scalable management infrastructure that the automation of your revenue operations demands

The beating heart of your revenue operations

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For developers teams

Design and deploy scalable integrations in a few lines of code

Documented APIs

dotsha provides a suite of simple and flexible API endpoints to retrieve or update data on your subscription plans, products, payments, and customers.

Webhook notifications

Our webhooks make it simple to receive data and events from dotsha, and for your systems to communicate data back

Secured and guided integrations

Pull data from dotsha's platform and integrate with your app features or with your front-end securely.

Feel free to try it!
We offer sandbox and support to developers